Connor's story


Connor is now 18 years old. He was diagnosed at 3 months old with cystic fibrosis. His early years were spent doing many breathing treatments and chest physical therapy. As the years passed, his profound fatigue was quite a puzzle. He was then diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency. The intake of daily meds rose to approximately 40 per day, just to try to stay healthy.

As a 9-year old he was diagnosed with CF-related liver disease. More meds were added to the list. Upon turning 12 he was then diagnosed with CF-related diabetes and was insulin-dependent, needing up to four shots a day. After being on such high doses of steroids to keep his lungs healthy, his knees and hips were affected. In the future there is a strong possibility that Connor will need knee replacements.

CF-related liver disease proved to be bigger than any of the doctors thought it would be and in 2010, Connor was the recipient of a living donor liver transplant. The need for anti-rejection medication is needed everyday for the rest of his life.

He continues with the many treatments, medications and chest physical therapy, each done with a smile and a gratefulness to God to be alive!